The quality of the soil on a site plays an important role in construction and agricultural projects.

Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd offers a range of on-site testing and analysis services for water quality.

The ambient air quality can affect more than just the health of one’s workforce

Our exclusive affiliation with Marchwood Scientific Services, UK, gives us a competitive edge as a global player in the environmental industries as they specialize in trace analysis in sediments and ultra-pure water using time of flight mass spectroscopy and triple quad GC-LCMS and high resolution GC-MS.



Our teams are able to tailor specific protocols that may be unique to our clients’ specific needs. The data obtained from our services are generally used in the following applications:

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Site evaluations and remediations
  • Sediment assessments for dredging
  • Drinking, catchment, recycled and desalination water monitoring
  • Occupational/industrial hygiene
  • Waste categorisation
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