Analysis for unknown Organic Substances in potable, environmental and discharge waters

MLS instruments are capable of handling clean, waste and marine waters. We have dedicated instruments for different matrix so there is very little possibility of carry over that will affect the integrity of the results. By coupling well known technologies our laboratory in Singapore ,Marchwood Laboratory Services and UK, Marchwood Scientific Services is pleased to offer a service that produces reliable detection results for thousands of organic compounds in a single analytical sweep.

Although primarily for the detection of substances in waters the technology may be used on a wide range of matrices and is particularly useful to those who need to know if any form of organic contamination has occurred in their environment, stock or other forms of property.

Searched for compounds could be pharmaceutical residues including steroids to antibiotics or flame retardants to agro chemicals, pesticides and solvents to name but a few…

If the matrix is other than water it should be noted that due to the involvement of additional extraction techniques some searched for compounds may be lost during the sample preparation process.

When compounds are identified as being present in a sample, different reporting options can be offered including Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF). Further analysis by Triple Quad GC-LCMS can then be undertaken. This enables delivery of accurate results and some of the lowest levels of detection available today.

This type of analysis is of particular interest to Water authorities, Local authority Environmental Health and Contaminated Land Officers, Industries that have a legal consent to discharge and Consultants or Individuals that wish to negate or apportion blame to a suspected polluter.

water sample

Analysis of Organic Halogens

AOX/TOX (adsorbable/total)

The analysis essentially comprises two stages. The first stage, which varies depending on the sample matrix, is the sample preparation which separates the inorganic from the organic halides. Secondly, the organic halides (OX) are then determined using a Behr coulometric analyser which combusts the prepared sample in a furnace with the resulted vapour analysed by electrochemical titration.

Analysis for TOX/AOX is performed to ref. Method BS EN ISO 9562:2004 using activated carbon filtration prior to microcoulometric analysis.

Analysis is carried out on the following water matrices:
  • Drinking water (Potable)
  • Non-potable water
  • Fresh water
  • Industrial water
  • Wastewater, Trade effluent
  • Ground water
  • RO water
  • DI water/ ultrapure water
  • Swimming pool water
  • Cooling tower water
  • Sea water
Testing services that we are providing:
  • Physical parameters such as pH, Turbidity, Conductivity, Salinity, Hardness, Alkalinity, Solids.
  • Organic – BOD, COD, TOC (ppm and ppb range), Oil & Grease (ppm and sub-ppm range), VOC, SVOC, TPH (Diesel & Gasoline), Pesticides, PCBs, Phenolic content, etc.
  • Inorganic – Anions, Nutrients, Metals (mineral and trace elements) in ppm and ppb range, Cyanide, etc.
  • Biological – Algae, Plankton (Phytoplankton and Zooplankton)
  • Independent sampling services
  • Phytoplankton and Zooplankton analysis for Fresh and Marine Water by APHA method (in compliance with both IMO and USCG guideline)