Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd provides a variety of environmental analytical testing services, specialising in the examination of soil, water (raw, waste, drinking, catchment, recycled, saline, product) and air (indoor, stack, ambient). Our testing facilities, staffed by skilled personnel and equipped with technologies at the forefront of innovation, will help you to minimise hazards, improve efficiency and establish the quality and safety of your products.

Our analytical techniques are grounded in well-established, internationally accepted practices such as those by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the American Public Health Association (APHA).

Additionally, our teams are able to tailor specific protocols that may be unique to our clients’ specific needs. The data obtained from our services are generally used in the following applications:

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Site evaluations and remediations
  • Sediment assessments for dredging
  • Drinking, catchment, recycled and desalination water monitoring
  • Occupational/industrial hygiene
  • Waste categorisation


The quality of the soil on a site plays an important role in construction and agricultural projects. Hence, characteristics of the soil need to be identified to determine its ability to support these activities. Soil testing assesses important aspects such as:

  • Nutrient and contaminated content
  • Composition
  • pH level
  • Strength
  • Density
  • Compaction
  • Plasticity

Construction Projects

  • Determine if the soil can withstand the impacts of the construction project
  • Distinguish the different types of soil and their locations
  • Provide design engineers with relevant soil information
  • Obtain crucial information required to compile technical and safety reports to support planning permissions and license applications
  • Track changes of the soil throughout the construction project

Agricultural Projects

  • Test the fertility (amount and composition of crop nutrients) of the soil
  • Make accurate alterations regarding fertilizer recommendations (to increase yield, reduce costs and reduce pollution)


Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd offers a range of on-site testing and analysis services for water quality. Our services include testing the following:

  • Ambient/Environmental water quality
    • Groundwater
    • Surface water
    • Seawater
  • Drinking water quality
    • ‘Raw’ water (prior to treatment)
    • ‘Finished’ water (after treatment at water purification plants)
  • Industrial water quality
    • Suitability of water for industrial uses (laboratory, manufacturing or equipment cooling)
    • Wastewater (industrial waste)
  • Swimming pool water quality

Environmental Management

At our laboratories, our knowledgeable personnel will provide professional interpretation of the collected data. The information provided by such analysis is crucial for our clients to ensure compliance with all the relevant regulations for your industry, and also to ensure minimal impact of their activities on the environment.

Legal Matters

Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd is dedicated to serving our clients’ requests, especially in meeting national and international quality standards. Our testing services ensure that our clients have adequate data to make decisions with regards to health, safety and the environment.

Water Efficiency

Through inspection by our laboratories, we provide data essential in making adjustments to reduce water wastage and to encourage sustainability. Such adjustments include changing industrial practices, equipment and policies. These in turn translate to more cost efficient, greener and safer production methods.

Risk Assessment

Water consumption for both domestic and industrial purposes has far-reaching impacts on the community and the environment. Whether it is with regards to human health, safety of personnel or water sources, our laboratories offer a range of tests that cover all these aspects, keeping our clients well informed, and prepared to address potential hazards


Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd helps to test our clients’ workplaces for such pollutions. Our services can be classified as follows:

  • Stack emission sampling and testing services
  • Ambient air sampling and testing services
  • Industrial hygiene sampling and testing services
  • Indoor air quality sampling and testing services

Environmental Management

Our investigations will help determine the sources of air pollution in your workplace, allowing our clients to directly address the root of any environmental harm.

Legal Matters

Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd will also conduct tests to provide evidence that clients are complying with the regulations imposed on ambient air quality. In addition, we have a team of experts that will work with our clients to ensure their company meets these legal requirements.


Test data provided will also facilitate our clients in making cost-saving decisions, in terms of upgrades in equipment, programmes and protocols. All these will ensure maximum efficient resource allocation.

Risk Assessment

Our services also include evaluating the safety hazards posed by the ambient air quality to human health. Moreover, we will also check for defects in equipment operations, allowing you to swiftly eliminate these workplace hazards.