Flow injection analysis (FIA) is a continuous flow method for quickly processing samples. For each method, operating parameters are optimised to address high sample throughput, precision and accuracy. The flow injection analyser has several advantages over the segmented flow analyser (SFA) because of the absence of air bubbles in the FIA analytical stream, including:

  • Faster start-up and shutdown
  • Shorter analysis times
  • Less carryover
  • Faster method switching
  • Closed-loop data quality control

Lachat QuikChem 8500 Series 2 FIA System

The QuikChem Flow Injection Analysis system encourages productivity in identifying ionic species in a variety of sample types, from sub-ppb to % concentrations. There are over 500 methods for environmental, agronomic and industrial applications in the QuikChem 8500, including USEPA accepted and equivalent methods, providing both efficient and excellent analysing capabilities to the operator.